• Chocolate Wafers - Dark - 1kg | Merckens
  • Chocolate Wafers - Dark - 1kg | Merckens

Chocolate Wafers - Dark - 1kg | Merckens


These delicioussmooth and creamy candy melts does not require temperingso you can easily melt it in the microwave and begin dippingmolding or drizzling right away.

Merckens wafers are made from compound chocolate, meaning that there is vegetable oil (palm kernel oil) in place of the cocoa butter found in couverture chocolate (real chocolate).

AKA: Chocolate wafers, candy coatings, candy melts, confectionery coatings, and compound coating wafers. These are all terms used to describe this type of chocolate, which do not contain cocoa butter but palm kernel oil instead. 

Package: 1 kg

Instructions for use the Merckens Chocolate Wafers
1 - Place about 250g of Merckens chocolate wafers into a microwave-safe container;
2 - Microwave it on high for 30 seconds;
3 - Return to microwave and repeat the process after each 20 to 30 second intervaluntil melted;
4 - Your chocolate wafer is ready to use! If the chocholate becomes thick while you’re working with it, simply return to the microwave and remelt for 10 to 15 seconds.

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